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PNG Sugar Workers Win Increased Wages and Conditions with New Collective Agreement
Office Bearers of the Ramu Sugar National Employees Union. From left to right: Leo Sipa, Christine Poto, Ae Noki, Vavine Ipi, Jeff Gundu Dinima, Aaron Jaking, John Sine Mondo, Casper Yuasali.

In May 2006, the Ramu Sugar National Employees Union signed a new two-year collective agreement which won increased conditions and benefits for members. The union covers workers at Papua New Guinea's (PNG) only sugar cane plantation and mill, located in the Ramu Valley of Madang Province.

The collective agreement allows for the following:
• annual leave can be accrued for up to three years (previously only two years);
• on retirement or redundancy members will have outstanding sick leave paid out, up to a maximum of 20 days (previously not included);
• the minimum period of service for payment of exgratia payments is reduced from 10 to 7 years
• the calculation of exgratia payments is increased from 9.333 days per year of service to 10 days per year of service;
• shift allowance is increased from Kina 8 (US$2.60) to Kina 10 (US$3.30) per week
• the amount paid to members retiring is increased from Kina 300 per year of service to Kina 400;
• redundancy payment is increased from 8 days per year of service to 10 days;
• Wage increases of between 5% to 7%, depdending on members pay relative to the base pay rate.