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IUF Affiliates, Standard Setting CBA Clauses and Maternity Protection
Workplace/Company (Union)
Length of Leave Hyatt Indonesia property (FSPM) 4 months maternity leave (1 month above legal minimum)
Pansea Hotel Cambodia (CTSWF) 100 days maternity leave with no limit on the number of births (10 days above legal minimum)
Snow Brand Dairy, Fujiya Confectionary (Food Rengo) 7 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth (1 week above legal minimum)
Cash Benefits Indonesia: Hyatt property, Alila Hotels property, Four Seasons property (FSPM); Pansea HotelSiem Reap (CTSWF)
Full pay plus service charge and all other allowances
Intercontinental Hotels property Indonesia (FSPM) Full salary (not inc. service charge) plus Rp.500,000 cash payment
Medical Benefits Hyatt Indonesia property, (FSPM) All childbirth costs (home,hospital, normal & casearean) and post-natal care covered by employer
Various CBAs negotiated by NUWHRAIN Full medical benefits offered by employer for pre- and postnatal care as well as childbirth
Health Protection
(Lighter duties)
Nestlé Korea (NKLU), Coca Cola Bottling Korea (National CBA negotiated jointly with enterprise unions at three sites), Lotte Hotel Seoul (KFSU) Upon request, the Company shall transfer pregnant union members to less intensive work and shall not demand overtime work without worker’s consent
British American Tobacco (BATEU) Pregnant or breastfeeding women can ask to be moved from areas of radiation and may not be asked to work standing up or at night
Health Protection
(leave during pregnancy for medical checks)
Hyundai Dept. Store (KFSU) The company shall provide one day’s paid leave per month for pregnant union members to get regular health check-ups
Health Protection
(leave after childbirth in case of complications)
Pansea Hotel Siem Reap (CTSWF) An additional 100 days leave may be given for health reasons (with medical certificate) at full salary plus benefits
Premature delivery, miscarriage & stillbirth Coca Cola Bottling Korea (National CBA negotiated jointly with enterprise unions at three sites) Regular maternity leave shall apply to any delivery after at least four months and also to miscarriage, still birth and preterm birth
Lotte Hotel Seoul (KFSU) Paid leave shall be given in cases of miscarriage, stillbirth or preterm birth as follows:
- under 12 wks: 5 days
- 12-28 wks: 45 days
- Over 28 wks: same as for full-term or healthy delivery
Employment Protection Hyatt Indonesia property (FSPM) Explicitly guarantees right of return to same position after maternity leave or different position with same wages and seniority
Paternity leave/parental leave Fonterra (NZDWU) 12 weeks leave at 80% wages (plus govt allowance) for any employee (male or female, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or marital status) who is the ‘primary caregiver’ of an infant under five years – including cases of adoption; plus an additional 9 months leave without pay upon request.
Hyundai Dept Store (KFSU) Upon request by a union member the company shall grant the member parental leave of up to one year including the maternity leave period
Breast feeding/lactation breaks Hyundai Dept Store (KFSU), Coca-Cola Bottling Korea, Nestle Korea (NKLU) Upon request by a woman union member with a child of less than one year, the company must grant a break, and apart from this, two 30-minute breast-feeding breaks per day
Childcare leave/flexible working hours Lotte Hotel Seoul (KFSU) Upon request, the company shall grant one day of paid leave per month to women union members with children under one year old
FSPM: Independent Federation of Hotel Unions, Indonesia; KFSU: Korean Federation of Private Service Unions; CTSWF: Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation; BATEU: British American Tobacco Employees Union, Malaysia; NUWHRAIN: National Union of Workers in Hotel, Restaurant and Allied Industries, Philippines; NKLU: Nestlé Korea Labour Union; NZDWU: New Zealand Dairy Workers Union; Food Rengo, Japan.