Hong Kong Unions Condemn Military Repression of Trade Union Rights in Fiji

HK_Fiji12-300x285On November 24 the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) and its affiliate the Catering and Hotels Industries Employees General Union (CHIEGU), also affiliated to the IUF, held a protest action in front of the Honorary Consulate of Fiji in Hong Kong.

The unions condemned the military regime of Commodore Bainimarama for its repression of trade union and human rights.

Described on November 10 as “one of Fiji’s most important emerging visitor source markets” by Fiji’s Ministry of Tourism, tourist arrivals from Hong Kong and mainland China rose rapidly after direct flights from Hong Kong to Fiji were launched by Air Pacific in 2010.

In its protest letter submitted the Honorary Consulate HKCTU called on the Fiji government to:

1. Immediately Withdraw all the anti-union laws, including the “Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree;
2. Withdraw all cases against Daniel Urai and other defenders of trade union and human rights and stop all arbitrary arrests and detentions of union representatives;
3. Revoke the “Public Emergency Regulations” used to repress human rights;
4. Ensure all the Fijians can exercise their democratic and civil rights to freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom for mass media, without any interference;
5. Fulfill its obligations as a member of the ILO and respect all worker and trade union rights under the core International Labour Conventions.

HKCTU protests Fiji repression

HK_Fiji23-187x300HKCTU submitted a list of demands to the Fiji government representative
In May the Fiji Honorary Consul in Hong Kong, Desmond Y.T. Lee, led a delegation of investors from mainland China to Fiji, with the aim of bringing new investment to the tourism sector – particularly Momi Hotel in Malolo Island and the Grand Pacific Hotel.

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