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Fiji Hotel Union Elects Liviana Qoro as First Woman President; Renews Leadership Team
Liviana Qoro (left) and Mikaele Mataka (right). Photo Source: Fiji Times 26 August 2006

The IUF-affiliated National Union of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industry Employees (NUHCTIE) held its annual general meeting in Suva on 25 August. For the first time, the union elected a woman as president: Sister Liviana Qoro. This is believed to be the first time a woman has led a private sector union in Fiji. Brother Mikaele Mataka was elected general secretary, replacing Brother Tim Naivaluwaqa, who tragically passed away in January.

In delivering her acceptance speech, Sister Qoro pledged to continue the fight for workers' rights, warned employers groups not to underestimate the new leadership and would work to build improvements in the conditions of all hotel, restaurant, catering and tourism workers in Fiji.

IUF Asia & Pacific Regional Secretary Ma Wei Pin, who was attending the AGM, stated, "NUTCHIE members have made an historic decision by electing Sister Qoro and they are to be warmly congratulated. The new team of Sister Qoro and Brother Mataka are well placed to build on the legacy left by Brother Naivaluwaqa, whom we all miss greatly."

In resolution the AGM asked Brother Felix Anthony to continue as the Union's Executive Secretary, following his caretaker role immediately after the death of Brother Tim Naivaluwaqa. Brother Anthony is also General Secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Congress (FTUC).

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