FSPM protests union busting at Hotel Grand Aquila in Bandung

FSPM members protesting against union busting at the Hotel Grand Aquila in Bandung, Indonesia. The placard refers to Indonesian law which forbids union-busting and specifies a five year jail term and 500 million rupiah (approx. US$50,000) fine for those convicted of the crime. Photo source: Detik.com
The IUF-affiliated Independent Federation of Hotel Unions (FSPM) represents hotel, restaurant and catering workers in Indonesia.  On 5 November 2008, FSPM members protested against union-busting at the five-star Hotel Grand Aquila in Bandung, following the dismissal of union member and the union president.  The following article is a summary translation of a piece which appeared in Indonesian on the news website detik.com This does not necessarily reflect the views of the IUF or its affiliates. 

Hotel Federation FSPM demonstrates at Hotel Grand Aquila following rejection of trade union

Around 50 people from the FSPM took action at the front gate of Hotel Grand Aquila, Bandung.

They demanded the management recognise the union at the hotel and reinstate nine workers previously dismissed.

They represent the Hotel Grand Aquila Bandung Workers’ Union.

Sangkot, the Hotel Grand Aquila union president, noted that the management refused to recognise the union, which was set up on 2 September 2008 by workers at the hotel.

On 13 October 2008, the moment the union wanted to meet with the management, the management refused. Without prior notice, nine workers, including Sangkot, were fired on 14 October.

“Management knew about the union starting at the hotel. So far, we only want to meet with the management. They have refused to meet us or give any clear reason why. We are seeking reinstatement because we have been dismissed without a formal letter,” Sangkot said.

According to Sangkot, the total number of workers at Gran Aquila is about 320. “Before, we had 150 members in the union. But 20 workers have resigned from the union because of intimidation from the management. They were intimidated with a warning letter from the management,” said Sangkot.

About 15 police monitored the unionists in police cars parked close to the demonstration.

Source: Detik.com 6 November 2008 Translation: IUF Asia/Pacific 7 November 2008

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