Month: November 2017

Pakistan: Trade Unionist Faces Death Penalty on Treason Charge; Military Readies Sham Courts to Rubber-Stamp Dictatorship and Quell Democratic Dissent

Liaqat Ali Sahi, Convener of the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi Workers Solidarity Committee and General Secretary of the Democratic Workers Union, State Bank of Pakistan under police detention. In a series of disturbing incidents, following the imposition of emergency rule, Pakistan’s military rulers are seeking to quell all democratic dissent by giving the army wide-ranging

The Balinese People – Forgotten Again

On Saturday evening 1 October, terrorist bombings on the Indonesian resort island of Bali killed more than 20 people and injured hundreds. The attacks come three years after bombings in Bali in 2002 killed more than 200 people. We publish here a translation of an opinion piece on the effect of the bombing written by

Hotel Worker’s Murder at Work Leads to Thousands-Strong Protest Signaling Deep Discontent with Widespread Corruption and Impunity in China

A small regional town in Sichuan province in western China has become the latest site for the vast number of protests occurring across the country in response to people’s discontent with rampant corruption and government impunity. Up to 20,000 people, according to some reports, demonstrated over a number of days outside the four-star Nest Business