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What is the IUF?
The IUF is a world-wide federation of trade unions representing workers employed in:
- agriculture and plantations;
- the preparation and manufacture of food and beverages;
- hotels, restaurants, catering and tourism services; and
- all stages of tobacco processing.

It is composed of 336 organisations in 124 countries, representing an affiliated membership of 2.8 million workers. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Membership in the IUF is open to all democratic trade unions, regardless of ideological or political orientation.

The IUF's guiding policy is international labour solidarity. We are committed to defending trade union rights and human rights in general, and the right of workers to control decisions affecting their lives at work and in society. We oppose all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Trade Unionists Arrested in Pakistan Clampdown
Trade union leaders G. Fareed Awan (left, at a union rally) and Liaqat Ali Sahi (in Pearl Continental campaign hat), both active supporters of the struggle for justice at the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel, were arrested following the crackdown.
Emergency rule has been declared in Pakistan as the IUF Outreach Office in that country was preparing to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Trade union activists are among those currently being arrested in their homes and on the streets. The IUF-affiliated Pakistan Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Tourism, Catering and Allied Workers Federation and National Federation of Food, Beverages and Tobacco Workers are among the most active organizations in the civil society coalition struggling for democracy. In Karachi, the Pearl Continental Hotel Workers Solidarity Committee had been actively supporting Pakistan's lawyers fighting against authoritarianism and for the rule of law. Continued...

FSPM Campaigns for 10% Increase to Minimum Wage for HRCT Sector Workers in Jakarta

The IUF-affiliated Independent Federation of Hotel and Allied Unions (FSPM) is campaigning for a 10% increase for HRCT (hotel, restaurant, catering, tourism) workers to the Jakarta provincial minimum wage. As part of the campaign, this demand was submitted by 10 FSPM officers at a meeting held by DISNAKERTRANS (the Provincial Office of Labour and Transmigrasion) in Jakarta, 2 November 2007. FSPM delegates have indicated that FSPM members will undertake rallies and industrial actions on New Year's Eve should the demand be ignored. Continued...

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Union-Busting in India Again Lands Unilever in the Dock at OECD
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Struggle Against Unilever in India Moves To Holland
Just over one year after the IUF charged Unilever with gross violations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises through the fraudulent sale and closure of the company's Mumbai (Bombay) factory in India, union-busting in the state of Assam has again landed Unilever in the dock at the OECD. Continued...

Despite Continuing Intimidation and Threats, Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel Union Rallies for Justice on Eid-ul-Fitre
[The following report was prepared by the IUF Pakistan office. Eid-ul-Fitre is the celebration held following the end of Ramadan.]

Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Workers in Karachi celebrated their sixth consecutive Eid-ul-Fitre with a rally for justice. However, this year, for the very first time the rally was held in front of the hotel.


India's Hotel Workers Overcome Historic Divisions to Create First Industry-Wide National Federation
On October 3-5, in Goa, more than 60 trade unions representing hotel workers at the enterprise level, met for the founding congress of the Hotel Employees' Federation of India (HEFOI).The congress was jointly opened by the Chief Minister of Goa, the IUF Asia/Pacific Regional Secretary, and the Executive Vice President of the IUF-affiliated UNITE-HERE (the world's largest hotel workers union). Delegates to the congress set in motion key campaign activities to fight for a service charge and stop the massive expansion of contract labour. Following the end of the congress a rally of delegates was held which proceeded to one of the central tourist areas of Goa. A press release from HEFOI on the congress is available here.

Poultry Workers in Thailand Struggle for Union Rights
This article by union journalists Gunnar Brulin and Malin Klingzell-Brulin was originally published in the journal of the Swedish Food Workers' Union Mål & Medel, Nr. 10/2007.

“They put up a picture of me at the factory gates for everyone to see. I was called a criminal who must not be allowed in,” says trade union leader Kulnipa Panton. It was against the law. Kulnipa knew that and went to the police station to report it. Her picture was then moved to the guard’s hut inside the gates. But the instructions to the security guards were the same – don’t let her in. Continued...

Australia: For 2nd Time, Foster's Brewery Workers Vote for Union Agreement
Video: Foster's Yatala Workers Take Industrial Action
IUF affiliate AMWU reports: Despite being offered $1000 to sign on and a substantial pay rise, workers at Foster’s Yatala in Queensland have once again rejected the company’s offer, holding out for a union collective agreement. Continued...

[Workers at Foster's Yatala are represented by three unions, IUF affiliates LHMU and AMWU, and a fraternal union the ETU. All unions are campaigning together for a single union agreement]

Unilever Pakistan Calls Out Paramilitary and Police as Union Resists Outsourcing

Elite Force paramilitary troops and police have been deployed at the Unilever factory in RahimYar Khan, Pakistan, as the union protests against management's attempts to transfer machinery to an outsourced production site. At 20 minutes past midnight on 17 September managers attempted to transport machinery out of the Unilever factory to the nearby Asad soap factory, a third-party subcontractor which already produces some LUX soap products for Unilever. Continued...

India: Hotel Employees Demand Legal Benefits on World Tourism Day
The Hindu, an English language daily newspaper in India, has carried a report which is linked here for the interests of readers (it does not necessarily reflect the views of the IUF):
Even as the tourism industry is being pampered by the Government with tax rebates and other benefits, workers in the industry are denied statutory benefits such as minimum wages, provident fund and ESI, Hotel Employees Federation of India has said. Continued...

Burma On the Brink
Source: Irrawady

IUF A/P Regional Committee:
On The Need To Support The Rising Momentum Of Pro Democracy Struggles In Burma

Military rule in Burma currently faces its greatest challenge since the national uprising in 1988. The wave of protests initially sparked by fuel price increases in mid-August has broadened and gathered sufficient force to again bring thousands of protesters onto the streets of Rangoon and other cities, in open defiance of the military's threat to respond with arrests and violence. The government's reluctance so far to resort to force should not be taken for a lack of capacity. Two decades of dictatorship and civil war have sapped neither its appetite nor arsenal for repression. The junta which murdered 3,000 Burmese in 1988 has not changed. Continued...

Unilever & Tata Tea: Pruning Workers, Reaping Profits
As India's Transnational Tea Companies Enjoy Windfall Gains, Workers Are Cast Aside
For decades India has been one of the world's largest tea markets - in fact, more tea is produced and consumed in India than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, India is the base of operations of two of the world's largest transnational corporation (TNCs) associated with tea: Tata Tea and Hindustan Unilever Limited, HUL (before 2007 known as Hindustan Lever Limited, or HLL). Continued...

Nestlé Union in Pakistan Wins Crucial Legal Victory Against Corporate Intimidation
On 28 July the Punjab Labour Court ruled in favour of the Employees Union at Nestle Milkpak, a member of the IUF-affiliated National Federation of Food, Beverage and Tobacco Workers, reaffirming the right to free union elections. This brings to an end months of intimidation and harassment by Nestle management which attempted to oust the democratically elected union president, Mohammad Hussein Bhatti. Continued...

European Court Overturns Paraquat Authorization - Global Action Must Follow!
The European Court of First Instance has annulled the 2003 authorization of the deadly herbicide paraquat, ruling that the authorization was based on a flawed assessment of the risks to agricultural workers and to the environment. Continued...

As Part of Union-Busting Drive, Gran Meliá Hotel
Jakarta Fires Member on Maternity Leave
Indonesian language versionTriandra Widyasari (pictured at right) has worked for more than 11 years as a Food & Beverage Cashier in the Accounting Department of the luxury Jarkarta Gran Meliá. Yet, while on maternity leave local management decided to fire her. Sister Triandra is a member of the Jakarta Gran Meliá Union part of the IUF-affiliated Federation of Independent Hotel Unions (FSPM). Continued...

Coke Korea Unions Secure Agreement on Employment Security, CBA Succession & Trade Union Recognition as Condition of Sale
Korean language versionAfter nearly six months of tough negotiations, mediation, and planned strike action, the three IUF-affiliated unions in the Coca-Cola Korea Bottling Company (CCKBC) succeeded in securing an historic agreement with both CCKBC and CCA that guarantees employment security, trade union recognition and continuity of the terms and conditions of the current collective bargaining agreement. Continued...

IUF Calls for ILO Investigation of Sri Lanka
ILO Workers' Group Expels Burma's "representative"
According to the Irrawaddy News, the ILO workers' group has expelled Burma's representative, Khin Maung Oo, because he was not a worker nor a member of a trade union (independent trade unions are illegal in Burma). The full report is here.
The address on June 15 of the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapakse, to the ILO's International Labour Conference must not be regarded as an endorsement of any kind of his government's current policy of intensifying repression on trade union, human and democratic rights.


New Partnership for the Elimination of Child Labour in Agriculture
The IUF has joined a new partnership to eliminate child labour in agriculture. Launched during the 2007 International Labour Conference, the partnership brings together the ILO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) and the IUF. Continued...

Australia: Hotel Workers Picket Against Outsourcing of Housekeeping Serivces
IUF affiliate LHMU reports: More than 30 hotel workers are demanding the new owners of the big 443 guest room Rydges Hotel at World Square in Sydney show a bit of respect to their workforce. The hotel has just changed ownership and the new owners have decided to contract out the housekeeping department - without talking to the workforce. Continued...

Malaysia: BAT Workers Stripped of Rights; Rally for Union

Since launching an attack designed to destroy the IUF-affiliated British American Tobacco Employee's Union (BATEU) in Malaysia (see background here), management at one of the world's largest tobacco companies have denied they are engaged in a union-busting exercise. The main tactic of the company has been to "offer" workers new positions where the comapny insists they are ineligible for union membership. Continued....

Pakistan Sugar Workers Federation Calls For Abolition of Contract Labour
Members of the IUF-affiliated Pakistan Sugar Mills Workers' Federation met on 6 June in Hyderabad (Sindh Province) to discuss the impact of contract labour on workers in the sugar sector. No regulations or laws exist in Pakistan for the use of contract or daily labour, which has meant its use is widespread and often results in workers being paid less than the minimum wage. Particpants to the meeting resolved to work towards ending contract labour. For the interests of readers, two reports from newspapers in Pakistan on the meeting are posted here.

"Is Singur A Lost Cause? Should We Now Forget About Singur?"
Part of the armed 24-hour security contingent which patrols the agricultural lands seized for corporate giant Tata Motors.
Following is an edited version of a report completed by the IUF-affiliated Paschim Banga Khet Majoor Samity (PBKMS), a trade union of agricultural workers in West Bengal, India. The report deals with the situation in Singur and the ongoing struggle against the forcible acquisition of agricultural land for the construction of a Tata Motors plant. Continued...

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May Day in Pakistan: Unions Rally For Democracy, Equality and Labour Rights
Women workers lead the PC Solidarity Rally, KarachiFor May Day 2007, IUF affiliated and fraternal unions in Pakistan organised their own independent activities and also participated in activities with other independent unions. In Karachi, Multan and Rahim Yar Khan, union rallies produced the first demonstration directly in front of the Karachi Pearl Continental Hotel, the first rally (led by women) in Multan's industrial district and a joint May Day rally of Unilever and Coca-Cola unions in Rahim Yar Khan. Continued...

Karachi PC Hotel Workers to Management:
"If you won't recognise our union, we don't want your money"
Members of the Karachi Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel Workers’ Union have refused to accept a wages arrears amount of 3,200 Rupees (US$50) which was offered by the luxury hotel's management. Despite more than six years of continuous efforts by management to convince workers to abandon their union, workers have stood firm with their demand for union recognition.


Police Rampage in West Bengal Leaves 14 Dead - State-Directed Land Seizures Facilitate Corporate Impunity
On 14 March 2007 a force comprising police and paramilitary operatives raided the village of Nandigram in West Bengal. The ensuing rampage against unarmed civilians saw at least 14 murdered and more than 200 injured. The village is at the centre of a new land seizure dispute in West Bengal, where the state government has undertaken repressive measures against all who oppose its policy of forced acquisition of lands for industrialisation. Continued...

Farmers and Agricultural Workers' Protest Against Transport Price Rises Met with Police Repression in China
Map Source: BBC
According to international media reports, over four days from 9 March through to 12 March 2007, 20,000 agricultural workers and farmers protested in the town of Yongzhou, Hunan province, China over increased transport prices. The protests were sparked when local bus companies, which were recently privatised, raised fares by 100% to 200% in the period during Chinese New Year and then refused to return prices to their original level. Continued...

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Nine Killed In Detention Centre Blaze: Unions Demand Legalisation and Justice for Migrant Workers in Korea

On 11 February a fire swept through the Yeosu Immigration Controls Office, a detention facility which holds undocumented workers. The fire killed nine workers and wounded 18 others. The fatalities occurred because prison officials refused to release workers from their cells. The Migrant workers Trade Union of Korea has issued a statement and call to action which is reprinted here.

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Nepal Hotel Workers Claim Victory: Agreement on Service Charge Implementation
Unions representing hotel, catering and tourism workers in Nepal secured in January 2007 through a bipartite agreement a phased introduction of a 10 percent service charge in 2007 and 2008. This follows upon more than five years of intense opposition by Nepal’s hotel owners, prominent among them members of the royal family. Continued...

Video: Unions and the Power of Private Equity Investment Funds in Japan
The influence of private equity investment funds is having profoundly negative effects upon workers and trade unions. In Japan, the IUF-affiliated Service Tourism Rengo was confronted with an investment firm which refused to accept responsibility to collectively bargain at an enterprise it controlled; in a video interview Vice President Kunio Akiyama outlines the situation and describes the union's initial response (Japanese language, English subtitles).

Hotel Worker's Murder Leads to Thousands-Strong Protest Signaling Deep Discontent with Widespread Corruption and Impunity in China
Demonstration outside the Nest Business Hotel, where bar worker Yang Daili was raped and murdered.A small regional town in Sichuan province in western China has become the latest site for the vast number of protests occurring across the country in response to people’s discontent with rampant corruption and government impunity. Up to 20,000 people, according to some reports, demonstrated over a number of days outside the four-star Nest Business Hotel following the death of a 16-year-old female hotel worker, who was raped and murdered on the premises. Continued...

FIJI: Nestlé Nails Workers to Sub-Poverty Line Wages, Intimidation Stepped Up

At a conciliation session on Wednesday January 17 Nestlé management adamantly refused to meet the union’s demand for moving Nestlé employees' wages at least close to where the poverty line is. The Poverty Wage Line in Fiji was defined as F$3.50 an hour several years ago, a figure that did not even take into account the cost of having a roof over the head. Even so, management simply refused to increase wages beyond F$2.70 an hour effective from January 1, 2007. Continued...

South Asia HRCT Unions Demand Peace and Democracy;
Aim for Unity, Solidarity and Jobs
On December 12-13, IUF's three affiliated Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism (HRCT) unions in Nepal (NTHWU, NIHWU and UNITRAV) hosted a sub-regional meeting for HRCT unions from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Among other issues, the meeting discussed strategies for strengthening industrial trade unionism and building peace and democracy in the region. Delegates also leant solidarity to the on-going struggle of the Pearl Continental Hotel Union in Karachi. The final conference statement can be viewed here.

Fiji Hotel Union Launches Campaign to Lift Workers Out of Poverty
Despite the threat of the military coup, the IUF-affiliated National Union of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industries Employees (NUHCTIE) has launched a campaign for a living wage and a service charge in the hotels and tourism sector in Fiji where large sections of the workforce earn wages below the poverty line. Continued...

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Video: Unions Across Australia Mobilise to Defend Workplace Rights
More than 250,000 workers and their families rallied in capital cities and regional towns across Australia on November 30 to protest against the "Workchoices" laws which have torn up decades of established rights for workers and trade unions. Photos and a 4-minute video of the mobilisation are available here.

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Unions in Sydney Rally on Global Day of Action Against Trade Union Repression in Korea
Unions Rally Outside the Korean Consulate-General Sydney 15 November 200615 November has been declared a global day of action against trade union repression in Korea, where unions have requested solidarity support from around the world. Unions, including IUF affiliates, in cities around Australia have rallied outside Korean missions protesting the government's suppression of rights. A report from the Sydney rally is available here.

Video: IUF-KFSU Campaign Against Outsourcing at Seoul Marriott Renaissance Hotel

The background to and campaign against illegal outsourcing at the Seoul Marriott Renaissance Hotel is described in the following video interview with officers from the IUF-affiliated Korean Federation of Private Service Workers' Union (KFSU).


Starwood Yields - Union Campaign Wins Yogyakarta Sheraton Workers Post-Earthquake Support
Susanto, who works in the Yogyakarta Sheraton engineering department, in front of his destroyed home.International support for workers at Indonesia's Yogyakarta Sheraton Mustika - organized in the SPM Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta, a member of the IUF-affiliated HRCT federation FSPM - has helped win a settlement of the dispute involving the hotel management's refusal to contribute to post-earthquake housing reconstruction for employees. The hotel building was badly hit by the May 27 earthquake and had to be closed for reconstruction. Four family members of employees of the Sheraton Mustika were killed in the earthquake, 10 employees’ houses were completely destroyed and 58 were partially damaged. The hotel property is Indonesian owned but managed under contract by the international Starwood chain. Continued...

Historic First National Conference of Hotel Workers in India Declares National Federation
On 2-4 September the All India Conference of Hotel Workers’ Unions, organized by the IUF, brought together 47 unions representing 20,000 members in hotels and catering services across the country. The conference, held in Goa, was the first national conference of hotel unions to be held in India.


Hong Kong Hotel and Catering Union Targets Scandal of Indecent Wages in Fast Food Sector
The IUF-affiliated Catering and Hotels Industries Employees General Union of Hong Kong held a protest on 27 August outside one of the city's busiest fast food restaurants to protest low wages in the sector. Average earnings for fast food workers are as low as 30% of Hong Kong's monthly median wage. Aside from low-wages, fast food workers lack sick-leave, are frequently over-worked and have little or no job security. Continued...

ACFTU: Wal-mart Finds a "Union" it Can Live With
The China Labour Bulletin, an independent labour monitoring and analytical service, has published a piece on the state-controlled All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and its relationship with the US-based multinational retail chain Wal-mart. Wal-Mart is synonymous with anti-unionism, and has actively resisted all attempts by workers to form trade unions. In Canada, Wal-Mart simply closed one of its outlets when workers successfully unionised. However, in China, Wal-Mart has accepted "unions" at its operations; in this case the "unions" are not democratic organisations formed by workers to defend their interests, but rather organisations created and controlled by the Chinese state and the Communist Party. These organisations at Wal-mart's China operations are in fact a direct result of decisions made by the party's Central Committee. General Secretary Hu Jintao ordered party members to "do a better job of building party organisations and trade unions in foreign enterprises." The full story can be found here.

Supreme Court of India Agrees to Hear IUF-sponsored Public Interest Litigation in Defense of Tea Workers' Rights
Abandoned tea plantation worker, West Bengal.
In April 2006 the IUF and affiliated tea unions launched public interest litigation in an attempt to get the Indian Government to act to protect thousands of tea workers on plantations in the tea producing states of West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerela. On 14 August the Supreme Court of India agreed to hear the case. A report from the Calcutta Telegraph is linked here for the interests of readers.

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2-Year Campaign Brings Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore Union President Back to Work After Unfair Dismissal; Management Continues to Oppose Full Reinstatement
Nasir Aman Sindhu, President, Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore UnionOn 8th July 2006 the Punjab Labour Court reinstated Nasir Aman Sindhu (at right), President of the Pearl Continental Hotel Employees Union, Lahore, two and a half years after his unfair dismissal. Nasir Sindhu is also Publicity Secretary in the Pakistan Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Tourism, Catering and Allied Workers’ Federation. Continued...

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Legislative Trickery Wipes Away Trade Union Rights in Pakistan
At a press conference held on the 27th of June at the Karachi Press Club, nine trade union organisations, including the IUF-affiliated Pakistan Hotel Workers Federation, denounced recent legal changes which strip workers in Pakistan of fundemental labour rights. Moreover, the changes are the result of a Finance Bill, which deprives Pakistan's Senate from any chance to scrutinise or amend the law. For the interests of readers we post the press statement released at the conference.

Indonesian Government Must Listen to the United Nations: Stop Attacks on Sugar Union!
The United Nations' International Labour Organization (ILO) has issued an unambiguous message to the government of Indonesia. The authorities, says the ILO, must take immediate action to rectify illegal anti-union measures taken by private and public sugar employers against the IUF-affiliated FSPM TG, beginning with the immediate reinstatement of the union's illegally dismissed president Daud Sukamto. Continued...

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Building Peace and Solidarity in South Asia: Cricket Brings Together Union Leaders from Same Company
Cricket is the most popular sport in India and Pakistan. Over the last few years the peace process between Pakistan and India has been strengthened through the exchange of hundreds of thousands of people traveling across the borders of the two countries. Cricket fans have also used the opportunity to see cricket matches in both countries. Continued...

PNG Sugar Workers Win Increased Wages and Conditions with New Collective Agreement
In May 2006, the Ramu Sugar National Employees Union signed a new two-year collective agreement which won increased conditions and benefits for members. The union covers workers at Papua New Guinea's (PNG) only sugar cane plantation and mill, located in the Ramu Valley of Madang Province. Continued...

Pakistan Sugar Workers Struggle: Mill Unions Lauded
Photo source: Dawn, 12 May 2006
The Sindh province branch of the IUF-affiliated Pakistan Sugar Mill Workers Federation (PSMWF) held a delegate conference on 4 June 2006 in the city of Mirpur Khas. One of the main themes of the conference was the campaign of the workers of the closed Dadu and Thatta mills who had been victims of police assaults in the previous month. The conference discussed ways for unions to build the strength of this campaign and fight union-busting in the sugar sector. A report from the IUF Pakistan office is available here.

Musim Mas Starves Union into Defeat
On June 12, 2006, the IUF and BWI jointly released the following statement on the "settlement" announced by the company and our determination to continue to struggle for the release of the Musim Mas 6.

Hunger is a powerful weapon in the hands of a ruthless corporation bent on using all means to undermine the right of workers to organise. Since January of this year the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) and the IUF have been involved in an international campaign to support the workers who were victimised following a strike at the Pelalawan palm oil plantation in Sumatra, Indonesia owned by the Musim Mas company. Musim Mas is the world’s largest palm oil refiner. The company has now acted to exploit the desperate situation of the workers in response to increasing international support for the campaign. Continued...

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